follow them.

follow them.

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who will i be seeing at the brand new shows in san francisco and/or chico?

update on my life.

i work 6 days a week so i don’t do anything. i’m going to coachella. i might be doing a semester/year at a school out west if life goes as planned. that’s about it.



So I heard from a pretty good source that Jesse Lacey is getting super serious with his girlfriend. Like settle down serious. Let the rumor mill and tears start.

only reblogging this because apparently people see this as the “brand new gossip blog.” oh well, if it’s true, this is a very good thing :)

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new milk brotelhere brianna, i made a high quality version. just for yoooouu~


new milk brotel

here brianna, i made a high quality version. just for yoooouu~

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Old White Lincoln (Acoustic) - Brian Fallon

“I was nineteen… call me.” 

hey, update on my life:

i’m buying my ticket to colorado tonight for the death cab show in august. i’m seeing explosions in the sky in october. i just got “brother’s blood” on vinyl today in the mail. life’s good.

milksops-deactivated20120103 said: and oh my god, the little bit about derrick and the shocker. when i'm in a band, we're going to cover so many brand new songs.

omg drew can i be your merch girl

yes, i died at that part. THE LIGHTS AT THE END OF THE SECOND ONE omg jtl is a legend

Anonymous said: thank god you stopped posting
i was getting so annoyed by the brand new on my dashboard
choke and die

currently searching my cell for something to hang myself with

(lol see what i did there)

Anonymous said: are you the brianna serenecatastrophe always mentions...

oh my god whoever you are, you left this in my ask on my other blog yesterday

please kindly fuck off, i don’t wanna hear your shit again

the way tumblr backed this blog up to my mac isn’t particularly great, so i guess i’m not deleting this. as pathetic as it sounds, this blog is a record of the past year and a half of my life, and i will probably get a kick out of it when i’m 30. 

Anonymous said: what if i haven't talked to you before but i want your new url... i don't want you to be gone from my dash forever!

message me un-anon and i’ll give it to you!

just wanted to say thanks to everyone following my new blog. i think this one is going to be deleted soon, so if we’ve talked before and you’d like the url, let me know. 

i just want to help people around the world. i love music on vinyl, brand new, foreign currency, cold grass, and simple arithmetic.

"to the port i see the lighthouse
through the sleet and rain."

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